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Procedure & Prices



After contacting me by mail or phone, where you display shortly the causes for seeking a therapist/counselor, I will offer you an appointment for an initial meeting as soon as possible. During this first meeting, we will get an idea of what you wish to change or work on and I will determine which therapeutic procedures seem to me to be most useful and realizable for which time frame in your case. Furthermore, the first session also serves to get to know each other personally.



For the time being my practice is for self-payers only.


The benefit of self-payment:

In the case of self-payed therapy, then your health insurance does not need to receive notification of your psychotherapy. This can also be an advantage when concluding insurance policies that require a health examination at a later date.

Prices for Individual Therapy, Counseling, and Couples & Family Therapy differ.

* All prices indicated on this page refer to sessions that are online. Appointments face-to-face (on-site in Berlin/Potsdam) there is an extra charge of 10€**.

Benefits of self-payment

As it is a self-payers-only practice, the price for an Individual Therapy session is lower than the statutory regulation in Germany. 

50 Minutes

First three sessions - 60€**

Every other session - 75€**

1. Individual Sessions

2. Counseling

50 Minutes


First three sessions - 60€**

Every other session - 75€**

Couples Sessions*** (≤3 P.)

60 Minutes


First session - 90€**

Every other session - 120€**

***incl. Couples, Friends, Colleagues, and also Mediation between two to three individuals

Family Sessions (>3 P.)

60 Minutes

First session - 100€**

Every other session - 130€**

3. Couples & Family Sessions

** -Subject to change-

Flexible prices can be discussed individually in specific cases. 

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